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Robotics Programs:

Project Bucephalus are dedicated in spreading STEM learning to the schools of the Illawarra and NSW. The team run the occasional group of free classes at local schools, but cannot afford to run “serious” programs for long periods. The team have been working with FIRST Australia to seek funding to run long-term classes – especially in local disadvantaged schools. Using our own equipment and course material, the team can visit a school and run a robotics program for an entire class as long as we have access to a room, desks, and a power point! We’re even willing to train teachers so the school can continue a STEM program on their own. Currently, the team has two main “packages”, but are always willing to look at alternatives:



$6,050 (Inc GST)
The team will run a 10 x 2-hour classes for 22 students, using LEGO® Mindstorms® to teach a standard Introduction material. Once this is complete, the team will deliver a customised curriculum for the remainder of the period. Potential subjects include Advanced Programming, FLL training, Robot Communication & Cooperation, Quick-Build challenges, and more! The ability and interest of the students determines just how far the subject can go.


$2,420 (Inc GST)
The team will run 4 x 2-hour classes for 22 students, using LEGO® Mindstorms® to teach a standard Introduction material over three weeks, and concluding with an all-in Robot Sumo tournament.


General Sponsorship:

We are always looking for businesses to help us raise funds to replace equipment or represent Australia at International FIRST events.  By purchasing one of the sponsorship packages below, you are not only making a valuable contribution to our ability to get there, but it may be a valid tax deduction. For our major sponsors, the Project Bucephalus team are able to make themselves available to your organisation for demonstrations and to talk about their project. This might be a valuable inclusion in your next staff planning day or retreat!



Up to $1,000 or goods in kind
Businesses who donate up to $1000 or goods for use in fund raising will be listed on our web site Thank You page.

Bronze Sponsorship

$1,000 – $1,999
Bronze sponsors will have a small company logo on banners and flyers, and be listed on our web site Thank You page

Silver Sponsorship

$2,000 – $4,999
Silver sponsors are entitled to a larger more prominent company logo on both banners and flyers, and are listed on our web site Thank You page.

Gold sponsorship

$5,000 – $9,999
Gold sponsorship entitles your company to a large logo on banners, flyers, and team t-shirts, as well as being listed on our web site Thank You page.

Platinum sponsorship

$10,000 and over
Platinum is our premium sponsorship package! In addition to the benefits of Gold sponsorship, the team will discuss with you the best way to incorporate your company image in our team identity. This could include incorporating your company name into the team name, making a promotional video with the kids and their robot, or media spots where your company is highlighted. We are more than happy to discuss options with you.
For further details about how your company can sponsor our team, please contact Andrew Clark through the form on our Contact Us page.