Joining The FRC Team

So you want to join 5985?

First warning: it’s a lot of hard work, and a big commitment.

5985 is always ready to recruit new members. Please note that the FRC is designed for older high-school students (typically year 9+). Younger high-school students are welcome in 5985, but with stricter limitations – the workload may be overwhelming! Most recruitment takes place in May-June (before the Duel Down Under event) or in August-September (before the FLL Season).

The process is relatively easy…

Step #1: Contact Us. We’ll pass on basic information and other material so you can find out what the FRC is like.

Step #2: Parent/Student Interview with the Mentors. This is to make sure everyone knows what they’re getting involved in!

Step #3: Meet the Team. Unfortunately, 5985 can’t take everyone (as much as we might like to). Potential recruits meet the team and get a taste of the FRC. The Mentors and Student Leaders will assess compatibility with the existing team. Please note that technical skill is secondary to willingness to work hard and learn!

Step #4: Placement! 5985 will make offers to students. Those that can’t be taken are most welcome to try later, or could be directed to another team.

5985 is open to all high-school age students (including homeschoolers). However, there are strict limits on the younger ages and overall team size.