Jack’s Judgements

Official Rulings by the Australian FLL Head Referee

Last Updated 9:23 am on 05/08/2020

Important Note:

These are official rulings and clarifications that apply to all FLL tournaments in Australia. However, they can be overruled by official updates from FIRST (found here). Check regularly for updates. Please note that the RePLAY Season contains a number of new rules which are VERY different from previous seasons.

Further questions  can be asked at the FLL Australia Help Forum, or Contact Us if you have a question which you would like to submit directly to the Australian Head Referee.

Rule Clarification #1: Read the Rules…and don’t forget the Updates

Question: Rules? Updates?

Quick Answers:

  • Official season Rules and Guidelines can be found here
  • FIRST issues regular official updates to Project and Robot Game each year.
  • Official updates overrule anything here.
  • ASK QUESTIONS if anything is unclear or confusing!

Longer Explanation:  To quote a section of text that used to appear in the FLL Challenge Guide…

Teams who have read everything:

  • Have fewer questions
  • Have less rework
  • Have fewer surprises at tournaments
  • Score higher
  • Have more fun!