Houston, here we come!

The South Pacific Regional marked a new high for FRC Team 5985 (Project Bucephalus).

Our team of 34 High-School students worked incredibly hard over three days, turning in an exceptional performance in all areas. As we neared the end of the Qualification matches, 5985 hovered near the top of the table – but 5584 (IC Robotics) leapt ahead with some very solid performances, deservedly claiming first place. As captain of the 2nd-Placed Alliance, Project Bucephalus chose 5663 (Ground Control) and 7128 (XLR8) to be their partners in the finals.

Our Alliance performed brilliantly, showing strong teamwork and tactics. There were some close calls early on, particularly when 5663’s robot shorted out mid-match! However repairs were made, and our Alliance reached the finals – a first for 5985!

Up against the formidable team of 5584 (IC Robotics), 4613 (Barker Redbacks), and 6050 (Wee Waa Bush Bots), we knew we were in for a tough competition. Winning the first match was a shock – but then this happened:

Winners of the South Pacific Regional!

As Winners, our Alliance have earned a slot at the FIRST Championships in Houston.

5985 is working hard to raise funds for the trip, but there is precious little time available. We are running a GoFundMe campaign to assist the team with making the trip, and our usual Robo Camps are also raising funds. Please take a look and see if you can help!