Fundraising and Support

Helping the Team…

 Can you help us get to Houston? How about Denmark?

Project Bucephalus has had a spectacular year, with both the FLL and FRC teams reaching the top levels of international competition. These are fantastic opportunities for the children, but help is needed to make them a reality.

  • Check out Sponsor Us to information on funding a robotics program in a local school, or having your business advertised by the team.
  • Visit Help Jim Get To Houston for a GoFundMe campaign to help one of our members make the trip
  • Sign up for our school holiday robotics workshops at Robo Camps.
  • Register for our after-school robotics workshops at Robo Clubs.
  • Contact Us to send messages to the team, make a donation, or find other ways to help.

Project Bucephalus is grateful for any and all help from the community. We will represent Wollongong with pride!