Team History

 2017 – STEAMWorks


5985’s second year was marked with both crushing despair and soaring triumph (and no, we’re not exaggerating). The team grew to 25 students from 11 high schools, with a total of 8 mentors. The team moved to the new base of Wollongong West Public School and tried to learn from last season.

“CAD before you cut” was our new directive, which seemed to work well – although our inexperience showed with several minor (and one major) mistakes requiring some urgent redesign! Internal team management improved, although there were still things we could do better.

Signing up for two tournaments was a new experience for the team, but something worthwhile – even if it did mean a week in Sydney! A excellent run in the Southern Cross Regional was spoiled by a “brutal” disqualification in the semi finals. The experience was traumatic, but the team handled themselves with extreme grace. This was turned around in the South Pacific Regional, where 5985 earned the Chairman’s Award! Not something that any of us expected, being only a second year team.

The Chairman’s Award earned 5985 a trip to Houston, where we experienced a FIRST Championship as an FRC team. There were many valuable lessons learned, and many new friends made. Now we’re ready to do it all again!

  • Woodie Flowers: Jason Wilson
  • Dean’s List #1: Marcus Jones
  • Dean’s List #2: Isaac Clark
Event Year Location Award
Southern Cross Regional 2017 Sydney Olympic Park FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award (Marcus Jones)
Entrepreneurship Award
South Pacific Regional 2017 Sydney Olympic Park Safety Award
Regional Chairman’s Award
FIRST Championships 2017 Houston, Texas

 2016 – Stronghold

5985’s rookie year was a learning experience! The team didn’t have a permanent HQ, and started the season meeting at the Illawarra Christian School. We then moved to the 1st Korrahill Scout Hall when school started again.

The team ended up building three separate robot versions before the end of Build Season, and had one “Bumper Mistake” that required a redesign of some key functions. Even though we were a rookie team, we worked to complete “practice” entries for the Chairman’s Award, Entrepreneurship Award, and Safety Animation.

Our first tournament was an amazing experience, and the team did spectacularly well for a rookie team, finishing in third place and captaining the 2nd-placed alliance – made up of Chicago Knights and IC Robotics. We were knocked out in the Semi-finals.

  • Woodie Flowers: Andrew Clark
  • Dean’s List #1: Theresa Haley
  • Dean’s List #2: Matt Scott
Event Year Location Award
Australian Regional 2016 Sydney Olympic Park Highest Rookie Seed
Creativity Award
Duel Down Under 2016 Macquarie University Winners
Inspire Award