What is Robo Camp?

Robo Camps will return in April 2017!

If you step inside OUR classroom, you never know what you might find…

  • Sumo wrestlers being cheered on by a crowd of spectators
  • Vehicles powered by the sound of yelling children
  • Chariot races where taking out your opponents is not only allowed – it’s encouraged
  • Stately castles being demolished by rapid-firing catapults
  • Robotic animals that decide if intruders are edible before pursuing them around the room
  • Space probes exploring distant planets
  • Robotic recreations of classic video games

Robo Camps are multi-day school holiday robotics workshops run thanks to the gracious support of the University of Wollongong.

Robo Camps are open to all students, and cater to both the novice and experienced levels of ability. Parents are advised to visit our Policies page for information on discounts, refund, and age limits.

Details change between camps, but General Information is always available. Current Workshops are posted when details are confirmed.