April Robo Camps

Our April Robo Camps have been confirmed, and present some new ways to experiment with LEGO MINDSTORMS robotics. Our normal “Introduction” classes will continue to run at all locations, but some extra options are available for those with some experience!

“Mini-Sports” will feature at UOW Wollongong campus, where students will build robot golfers to play on courses designed by their peers. Robot-Foosball will be the other sport of choice, as players work at building their own game board.

“Crossbows and Catapults” will play at the UOW Shoalhaven campus, as students adapt the board game for the 80’s into a live-action event run with robots.

Come along to the April Robo Camps and see what we’ve dreamed up this time! Check out our Current Workshops to see what’s available.