Joining the FLL Team

So you want to join Project Bucephalus?

It might actually be easier to start your own team (we’ll give you a hand!). New team members are most welcome, but there are some fairly strict entry requirements:

  1. All team members must be aged between 9 and 16. Students are judged to meet this criteria if they turn 9 or older during the season, and are 16 or younger on January 1st of that year.
  2. All team members must be home-schooled, as the team meets during school hours.
  3. Team members must be able to attend meetings, currently running on Fridays from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm. We’re happy to help with transport (within reason) and parents are most welcome to stay and help.
  4. There must be space in the team. An FLL team is limited to 10 members.  Each year, existing team members get first choice, then siblings of existing members. Newcomers can then try out for any remaining places.

The FLL Season runs from late August – December (or into the next year if Internationals are involved). New team members are only accepted before the FLL Season begins.

Joining Project Bucephalus involves a lot of hard work, but the rewards are immense. Please Contact Us if you would like more information.